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Located in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong,

less than 1-min walk from Sai Ying Pun MTR station, Serpiano Music

offers individual and group music lessons to children and adults.


Serpiano Music 為兒童和成人提供個別及班制音樂課程。

*** SUMMER 2017 COURSES ***


* Course 課程 #1 *

Scales & Arpeggios, Sight-Reading, and Aural Training Course

(for ABRSM piano exam candidates of all grades)

音階與琶音、視譜及聆聽訓練課程 (適合ABRSM鋼琴考試各級考生)

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* Course 課程 #2 *

Piano Preparatory Course (for 4-6yrs beginners)

鋼琴預備課程 (適合4-6歲初學者)

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* Course 課程 #3 *

Music Theory Course

(for ABRSM Grades 5 and 8 Oct 2017 exam candidates)

樂理課程 (適合2017年10月ABRSM五級及八級考生)

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Piano Lessons (all grades)

鋼琴課程 (各級)

Music Theory Lessons (Grades 5 & 8)

樂理課程 (五級及八級)

Piano Beginner Package (Children and Adults)

鋼琴初學者套餐 (兒童及成人)

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